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I’m Not Mad: I’m Proudly Different

You’re crazy. 

Totally mad. 

And life continues.  I’m used to such responses to my sentiments and statements. I used to be worried and could keep my opinions to myself. Why risk doubted sanity?  Not anymore.

The answers are a proof that the set expectations are violated. (Read lies.) How do you expect my answer to be on how was your night?  Just cool and fine? Details. Honest details are my weakness.

I had a dream,  a nightmare rather.  We were busy,  you and I making out in public and your dad was cheering the smooches! Your eyes were closed,  your soul and mine had an external merger. Oh,  yes! That was my night! 

And that earns me a series of insults and a demand for apology!  You shouldn’t ask for what you can hardly stomach. On top of the biggest crimes we commit,  is the mask of politeness. Politeness does not give you the ticket to lie,  truth as popularised,  should always set you free.

Lying is strongly founded in the spirit and practice of conformity. The refusal to be real,  the desire to be normal.

You owe no one an explanation by being different. We were all uniquely made. Just be you. Don’t conform. 

Imposition especially in careers is the root of mediocrity in our society. Just be a teacher or a doctor, jobs are guaranteed. Why strain to follow your passion?  How many artists do you see around? Why guess when you have a clear answer? Utazoea tu!  ( The mentioned professions are mere examples, no beef whatsoever,  unless you’re crazy,  like me! Haha.)

On that line, the dreams are suppressed for mere reality. Reality that no one ought to be spontaneous,  artistic, ambitious or out of the norm. It’s out of care,  love and ignorance that the best is killed on conception. And out of fear, intimidation and being normal,  there’s zero excitement in professional life.

Get out of the normal mentality. Dreams are exciting even though not always  smooth. Actually, it is the tough and rough experiences that make exciting stories! 

Do not expect your rebellion  to be welcomed with open hands. The challenging situation is to convince the rest against status quo. Have facts. Be determined to take risks.

It is the ambitious,  rebellious and not so normal people who bring change. Crazy and mad people run the world by popularising the unpopular ideas and practises. conformer are followers, crazy ones the leaders. 

Even in a simple elective contest,  it is those who promise change who are mostly elected. Change and normalcy are enemies. Normal people are basically followers, and never leaders. Why wait for a preacher to interpret the Bible for you while you can do it yourself?  Why wait for others until lunch while you are hungry?  Why hurt your urinary system till break yet you can walk out?

Rules and regulations are the steering wheels of most organisations. Culture and practices define a people. However,  beyond that,  let those rules and practises not to bar you from reaching your full potential.

If your family prides itself of great bankers and your passion is engineering or poetry,  you don’t owe them a degree in banking,  go pursue your passion. Make your own brand,  a poet in a banking family! 

I learned to accept the mad and crazy names when I learned that room for pretence and lies is diminished in my system. That does not mean I’m impolite, not at all. However,  if my answer is no,  no matter how desperate you are for yes,  I won’t change. There is so much pleasure in doing the right thing,  in this case,  the truth and following one’s heart and desires unapologetically. This is crucial in self realisation, fulfilling the dreams.

Nothing hurts like watching those who followed the desires of their hearts yet there you are,  glued to the family professions, kwetu ni familia ya walimu tangu jadi,  kama sio kina baba,  ningekuwa mwimbaji! 

As a crazy fellow,  my answer is simple,  rot in regrets or be bold, it’s never that late to do the right thing,  be mad and become that musician you were born to be.

Try to be who you were created to be,  and you will be before you realize it. The trick is simple dare! 

Elsewhere, mincing words like meat to hide the real issues is the biggest form of fear. I have a formula -crazy of course- get the words out on paper if your courage is still toddling , spill all and drop the words to the expected respondent. Otherwise, man up,  (even if you’re a lady!) spill the words,  carefully,  tactfully

Son you’re crazy oh! PHOTO/COURTESY

and make sure that your version is heard. Keeping all the feelings to yourself will burst your chest,  mine has done so twice,  the third time is not coming soon!

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A Letter To My Father


By now, I know you’re busy planning for my burial. News of my demise is the best thing that you’ve had in years. Don’t even attempt to deny it, how often have you wished me dead?

I can see momma smiling, she can’t leave her potatoes field unattended to mourn me. Whatever you made her, you are good at it. She’s your best sycophant, never questioned your wisdom even once, no wonder she hates me like you do!

Only strangers will wonder why I made the decision, to be hit by the train willingly. All the neighbours know what you were to me. I believe our family dog is steps ahead in value at least to you. It guards your stolen livestock, unlike me who questioned the acquisition method.

Well, for beginners, my father will argue that I am an addict, a marijuana user and even a possessed boy. This I can bet with my already lost life! Our conflict originated in my reluctance to be made a man in the modern ways, I preferred the traditional one, which was denied with utmost malice. This saw me become a man three years later, behind my age mates, a little more disappointed and hurt for I had to go as per your demands. You have no idea what I went through at school. I was jeered, beaten and branded a coward by ‘cut’ fellows who were much younger than me. The modern or church initiation was nothing but an additional dose to my bulging bag of contempt. I have never recovered, and my little head began getting concussions and odd ideas.

Top on the list, was the realisation that your vast piece of land and the skinny heads of cows was a life changing mistake you didn’t know that we knew, we your kids. Your mum, my favourite family member that you banished my tours to her compound had entrusted you to be your siblings trustee only for you to be unreliable. You denied your siblings their inheritance! And unlike the rest I had the guts to tell you that you were wrong, and the cause of our misery lives, we your descendants.

I recall my first outburst, it saw me hanged up on itara as you enjoyed beating me like a stray cat that has eaten a chicken, your fans, mother and my two brothers were busy putting on maize cobs smoke and bringing canes respectively. That was the first time you branded me ‘drug addict ‘ and a used vessel by your brothers to sabotage your command and inheritance by lies. My brothers called me a fool for not being realistic to see that the uncles, or is it junior dads, were on a mission to reduce our share of the land. I wasn’t swayed, which grew your hatred.

When my school opening season knocked, you refused to pay my fees until I bowed to your instructions, which I failed to. I became a lone buffalo, and your battles saw me out of the compound for search of better life, which fate denied me. My return home found you worse. My falling ill and subsequent medication to heavy duty stress drugs gave you a shortcut to send me to the grave. However, my resistance has shocked you for long. The doctor was particulate that I must be well fed before taking the drugs, a rule you violated blissfully. I tried to fight for what I thought right, yet you had the guts to force the drugs into my system while I had nothing in my belly. The effects of these was something closer to madness, a justification you have been riding on, to declare me a social delinquent.

Before taking my life, my grandma has been my motivation to live but since her death, three months ago, I have been surviving on mercy of friends and sympathisers some who have swallowed your tales of my drug use. Everyone has been handling me like an outsider, an outcast and a hopeless boy, something that has raised my doubts too. I have no reason to keep on fighting for a spoiled life. Mr. Chief and the members of Nyumba Kumi have listened to my rants and tried to convince you unsuccessfully. Your claim of my drug use is throwing doubts and when they look at my a times incoherent speeches, they question my sobriety too. At last you’ve won in convincing me to take my life, and rubber stamp your skewed theories.

I can imagine you and brothers drafting the eulogy, getting black suits to celebrate your special victory. Tell them your story, after all I’m doing good, listening to you tarnish my name while I rest peacefully, freed from your intimidation. I can see your rejoice in guilt, for you know I have always told the truth. I love the way you will split up the land to your loyal sons, hypocrites and enemies of justice. Now that your nemesis is gone, feast for your triumph.

A sad reminder is that until you practice fairness and equality, your daughters and sons will lead funny lifestyles, the cry of the oppressed is nothing to joke around with. You are aware that your darling first daughter’s whereabouts are unknown, your brightest son can’t stay in an organisation more than an year despite his First Class grade, your last daughter, a favourite of momma has had five miscarriages, your main sycophant, big brother has lost three wives to cancer or you still believe that it’s natural and normal to lose a son a wasp bite? Those are just but a few highlights to install sense to your Pharaoh headedness. My last wish is that you open your eyes and save your bloodline, all who suffer from your blindness. But you can’t listen to an addict, can you?

Yours In Justice,

Embattled Son.


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How To Keep Off Job Scams

Job searching is an emotional venture that’s prone to manipulation. Scams, well orchestrated ones, are the key loopholes that trap desperate job seekers.

Recently, courtesy of the internet and a bit of laxity by the job searching fellows , the schemers have got a goldmine.

See, a number of friends have been victims of the tricksters and they cannot be blamed in totality, innocent or rather naive prey they’ve become.

The following are basic checkpoints to ensure you’re safe:


Social media is a double edged sword, selling both good and evil in equal measure. Before applying for that job shared via a link, verify. Check on the pages and websites of the organisations given. Don’t mind making enquiries from the contacts given or insiders you may be knowing. If the information is not on the given platforms, smell a rat, keep it off.

If you’re addressed as Dear Applicant unlike using your real name,scam is loading for that means even the person involved is so busy to address you as a person by name. Just a mere applicant, a good shortcut to reach the large number of potential victims of the tricksters.


Most legit firms barely ask for any money from job seekers. If so, this is outrightly indicated and publicly advertised. All the same, this is rare, so if you are asked for money to get a job in a major firm, be suspicious and pay attention, you’re about to be conned.
If you’re given a speedy deadline to submit money , something is definitely amiss.


Wait, did you just apply and got an invitation for training without a competitive interview? Something is amiss. Who gives you a job by a mere CV and not a firm you’ve been doing internship? If it’s so soft a landing, think twice!

Ideally, before any organisation worth it’s salt adds one in it’s labour force, due diligence is inevitable. First interview, shortlisting and induction are crucial.


When the office given or the address is ambiguous, then the organisation is the same. Quacks are experts in playing with the minds of the job seekers. This is especially for those who are not conversant with the given streets and buildings. Always take time to make a little research on location. If the boda boda guys don’t know the location, it is likely to be nonexistent!


Con artists are experts of imitation. They’ll make a replica of the original. By any chance if you spot any variation, the slightest one, something is amiss. They lift the name, they lift the description and play around with the logos or the brand name, be not in haste, compare, contrast, be safe!


Any modern firm has a domain, if you detect a common email for instance for a company that has a website like, something is amiss, a con artist is out to defraud you!

In conclusion, finding a job is a hard job on it’s own. Pressure from self, peers, family and circumstances make it a rough ride. All the same taking caution is a necessary shield to save shattering an already broken heart!



Before we weep, let’s research . PHOTO:COURTESY

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These Words…

Social media has come of age, at least for Kenyans. Creativity, redundancy and fads all in one bag. Trends fly like chapatis in a kibanda at breakfast and lunch hours. Words are twisted in manners that barely existed in the pre-social media era.

Hash tags, coined words that follow no rules of grammar get meanings. Mainly, the words originate from political satire. Undoubtedly, some are distorted by the unforgiving social media brigade either for mere laughing or driving deep messages home. Here are some of the current fads:


As odd as it may sound, the coined word is basically a threat to the opposing (political) side and the differing supporters in Russia World Cup 2018. The simplest translation is that ‘it will be understood ‘. In politics, it a threat of the outcome of the 2022 presidential election for the perceived different sides of the ruling party, as a result of the ‘handshake ‘ that has allegedly shaken more than hands!


This one is unique. A Swahili phrase loosely translated as ‘ only life matters ‘. It’s a great consolatory message across the social media platforms, mainly used to conclude a comparative situation that’s hardly comparable. The gap is so huge, the disappointment inevitable and the conclusion is almost a giving up phrase, Bora Uhai.


The popularity of this one originates from the highest office. Hovering from one place to the to the other. The term created heat initially, currently, it’s more of a joke with even a better modification, Team Tangatanga coming into place. The lesser we dwell on Tangatanga, the better!


This one is still hot, very hot after a local artist decided to make it a song. Deni means debt, owing someone. In the ruling party circles, there are tensions over the ‘debt’ payment. One part believes to be owed, the other part, partly denies the debt. It’s all in the 2022 preemptive presidential elections. The only hope is that the debt factor will not go beyond a social media and a political trend.


This has its origin from a local song. The phrase can be translated as ‘wasting ‘. From the song, the artist narrates a series of wrong decisions and when the doers imagine of the consequences, they know it’s a ‘waste’.
Recently, the phrase has been borrowed by the online teams and even one on streets to mock a wrong decision made, a political one, electing leaders who the complaining parties allege to be acting contrary to the expectations.

If one is a looser, the phrase fits. If one fails to deliver, it works even better!

#Nigutee can only be described using another fad, it’s LIT!

The list can go on and on, for now let’s put a comma, Kitaeleweka, tulipe Deni ama tusilipe, Bora uhai, sio? Or all can be #Nigutee!



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Cream Or Yellow?

“Cream or yellow? Yellow or cream? ”

They hummed and left him, eggs, rotten ones on his face. This was an idea of his girlfriend’s best friend. They were having issues, his actions were a bit too much, who in their right mind places puppies in a desk as a surprise? Well, his intention was best known to him, but the drama that followed was in everybody’s lips. How she shrieked, how the deputy principal danced on his back and how the scared puppies peed and pooped on her books!

Cream or yellow was a well thought and researched topic of interest. Janet had to fight for her helpless friend, Stella. Stella in an awkward way fell for the antics of a naughty but a bright and poor brat, Richard. Richard was my buddy. He is to date. Calling him Richie used to hurt, for he was a real pauper, or rather his family was. Cream or yellow was a mock on the colour of his shirt. It was white, once upon a time. An only shirt, it’s rest days were Saturdays and Sundays. Cream or yellow pricked to the heart. Having had a motivational session a day ago, Richie pronounced,

“My cream or yellow white shirt is my motivation, my wardrobe will have shirts that will last me more than a month without touching any twice! ”

Almost a decade later, Richie has gone to campus and his faithfulness is enviable. He buys more shirts than he eats! Talk of the power of words converted into an obsession!

There’s nothing wrong achieving childhood dreams. In fact, it is satisfactory and a feel good moment retelling the tale behind such an achievement. It happens to most of us, the desire to prove to the naysayers that they were wrong.

” My kids will not go through what I went through. None will walk seven kilometres to school and back. ”

That was my declaration, as a highschool student. I still believe in it, sometimes working so hard to prove my point (to the unborn kids).

Talking of finances, fear, proving a point and achieving our ultimate dreams, balancing may be shaky. Richie’s obsession in acquisition of shirts is a little bit too much. Sometimes, I make fun of starting a stall with his collection. He can’t get enough of the shirts, he fears that Stella will pull a cream or yellow joke. I doubt they’ve met in years and all the proving the point is basically pointless. Rethinking of getting my kids the best, that I lacked or barely got may be my Highway to raising spoiled brats, misusing cash on otherwise unnecessary needs, proving points to kids who have no idea what the point was!

I’ve concocted a theory to justify my assertion, if you can do without it, you definitely don’t need it. Our obsessions are the worst enemies to financial literacy and breakthroughs. We all need second thoughts on how much we need to spend on what we ‘REALLY ‘ want.

Look, there’s no harm giving the kids the best, there’s one spoiling them. There’s nothing wrong having a bunch of classic and ideal shirts, something is with buying shirts while you have more than enough. All the same, living a dream is greater than leaving it!


#Nomys_Madness wp-image--100783978.

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Angels to Devils? Ask Augustine..

Sounds like stooping too low,seems demeaning and looks odd to be humble at times. Why should one be humble to a person in a higher position yet one’s juniour in age? What is the purpose of listening and obeying others? Humility. Virtue.Let’s explore it together. I gather my lessons from successful people,sages,saints amongst others. This little piece is no exception.

Confucius,the Chinese legendary philosopher argued that humility was (is) the solid foundation of all virtues. His thoughts were echoed by St. Augustine who added that without humility all the virtues were just in mere appearance.

A question arises,why should we embrace humility? From respect,lessons,peaceful coexistence to success, are the rewards of humility. St. Augustine added that if one desired to rise,to have a tower piercing the clouds,the first step was laying the foundation of humility.

It is unlikely for us to succeed without humility.

Michelle Obama claims that we learn about gratitude and humility that so many people had a hand in our success,from teachers,janitors who keep our schools clean and they(Michelle) were taught to value everyone’s contribution and treat everyone with respect.

Mahatma Gandhi aired related sentiments claiming that being a simple individual and a fellow mortal,he was liable to err however he had humility to confess the errors.

As I wrap up, its worth quoting St. Augustine’s words that it was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. When one is humble it means that you are not stupid,but humble enough to listen to others opinions and try as much as you can to understand them. It is not about fear and timidity but enough courage to tolerate diversity.



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Just A Minute!

Spontaneous communication in the new media needs caution. Relationships can be broken in a single send button. Sending a right message to the unintended person is a crime, not to be taken to court for, may be one for excuses and explanations.

In the world of auto-correct and a simple post button, this is becoming too common.

Imagine the following scenarios…

Hitting the laughing emoji on a mourning friend’s post, though easy to edit can cause more pain than the existing one. Explaining will make it worse, guilt will not be shaken.

Mistakenly sending a romantic text, dirty rather to an aunt. Convincing her that it was an error, wilk not erase the details from her head.

A common situation is typing ‘haha’ on WhatsApp only to find it’s ‘haga’. Before deleting, in an active chat the message is already home. A reactive approach will save one depending on the recipient and the relationship. Otherwise, the damage is irreversible.

The only way to control is to take time, rereading and editing before clicking post and send buttons. Relationships are important, saving them from avoidable technological errors is inevitable.

Now let’s send the dirty SMS to our bosses, they’ll promote us to the next level!


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Live, Life’s Not Yours

Unknown to us,
Is the count of our days,
No matter how bright it may seem,
Darkness alerts no one on it’s day,
It bumps like an armed robber,
And takes without hesitation…

We have a choice,
To whine worrying on its coming,
Or living fearlessly,
That in case (when) it comes,
Legacies will be made already,
That it can’t take from those who knew us…

Like the bright green grass,
Or the super White mushrooms,
Whose scene is appealing,
Wilting is the next stage,
Celebrated ones are ignored,
For the glow is no more…

The grass is conspicuously green,  so are the white mushrooms, but the bright  days are numbered,  just like ours. Shine!  PHOTO/NOMYSARTS


In the moment,
The writing is clear,
Speak Out,

Doom is coming,
Let it not find it’s mate,
Let it know that You were better,
For you lived before you left,
And as you live,
You Left for Right.



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Make Me A Toilet


Must one die,
To have a road,
A street,
A college or varsity,
Named in their honour?

Just name a public toilet,
In my honour,
No matter how it may stink,
It will always be useful…

Have you ever had full bowels,
In a public place void of bushes,
And the excitement,
The heavenly relieve,
That follows on spotting and touring one?


images (9).jpg
A public toilet equalises us all. Unlike its other siblings, public offices. PHOTO/COURTESY.

A toilet knows no tribe,
No class nor religion,
It views all the nakedness,
All shades,
Hairy, shaven,
Real, fake,
And keeps the secrets,
Never to blackmail any dirty soul…

Just like any other public office,
It will stink,
Luckily for and with the right rot,
Yet serves all,
With equity, fairness and equality,
Unlike its siblings,
It’s a haven of goodness…

Do me,
Honour me when I’m alive,
Keep your million worth masoleums,
Roads, schools and pavements,
Long speeches and lies,
If your plan is to feast on my grave,
You’re not even invited…