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I’m Not Mad: I’m Proudly Different

You’re crazy. 

Totally mad. 

And life continues.  I’m used to such responses to my sentiments and statements. I used to be worried and could keep my opinions to myself. Why risk doubted sanity?  Not anymore.

The answers are a proof that the set expectations are violated. (Read lies.) How do you expect my answer to be on how was your night?  Just cool and fine? Details. Honest details are my weakness.

I had a dream,  a nightmare rather.  We were busy,  you and I making out in public and your dad was cheering the smooches! Your eyes were closed,  your soul and mine had an external merger. Oh,  yes! That was my night! 

And that earns me a series of insults and a demand for apology!  You shouldn’t ask for what you can hardly stomach. On top of the biggest crimes we commit,  is the mask of politeness. Politeness does not give you the ticket to lie,  truth as popularised,  should always set you free.

Lying is strongly founded in the spirit and practice of conformity. The refusal to be real,  the desire to be normal.

You owe no one an explanation by being different. We were all uniquely made. Just be you. Don’t conform. 

Imposition especially in careers is the root of mediocrity in our society. Just be a teacher or a doctor, jobs are guaranteed. Why strain to follow your passion?  How many artists do you see around? Why guess when you have a clear answer? Utazoea tu!  ( The mentioned professions are mere examples, no beef whatsoever,  unless you’re crazy,  like me! Haha.)

On that line, the dreams are suppressed for mere reality. Reality that no one ought to be spontaneous,  artistic, ambitious or out of the norm. It’s out of care,  love and ignorance that the best is killed on conception. And out of fear, intimidation and being normal,  there’s zero excitement in professional life.

Get out of the normal mentality. Dreams are exciting even though not always  smooth. Actually, it is the tough and rough experiences that make exciting stories! 

Do not expect your rebellion  to be welcomed with open hands. The challenging situation is to convince the rest against status quo. Have facts. Be determined to take risks.

It is the ambitious,  rebellious and not so normal people who bring change. Crazy and mad people run the world by popularising the unpopular ideas and practises. conformer are followers, crazy ones the leaders. 

Even in a simple elective contest,  it is those who promise change who are mostly elected. Change and normalcy are enemies. Normal people are basically followers, and never leaders. Why wait for a preacher to interpret the Bible for you while you can do it yourself?  Why wait for others until lunch while you are hungry?  Why hurt your urinary system till break yet you can walk out?

Rules and regulations are the steering wheels of most organisations. Culture and practices define a people. However,  beyond that,  let those rules and practises not to bar you from reaching your full potential.

If your family prides itself of great bankers and your passion is engineering or poetry,  you don’t owe them a degree in banking,  go pursue your passion. Make your own brand,  a poet in a banking family! 

I learned to accept the mad and crazy names when I learned that room for pretence and lies is diminished in my system. That does not mean I’m impolite, not at all. However,  if my answer is no,  no matter how desperate you are for yes,  I won’t change. There is so much pleasure in doing the right thing,  in this case,  the truth and following one’s heart and desires unapologetically. This is crucial in self realisation, fulfilling the dreams.

Nothing hurts like watching those who followed the desires of their hearts yet there you are,  glued to the family professions, kwetu ni familia ya walimu tangu jadi,  kama sio kina baba,  ningekuwa mwimbaji! 

As a crazy fellow,  my answer is simple,  rot in regrets or be bold, it’s never that late to do the right thing,  be mad and become that musician you were born to be.

Try to be who you were created to be,  and you will be before you realize it. The trick is simple dare! 

Elsewhere, mincing words like meat to hide the real issues is the biggest form of fear. I have a formula -crazy of course- get the words out on paper if your courage is still toddling , spill all and drop the words to the expected respondent. Otherwise, man up,  (even if you’re a lady!) spill the words,  carefully,  tactfully

Son you’re crazy oh! PHOTO/COURTESY

and make sure that your version is heard. Keeping all the feelings to yourself will burst your chest,  mine has done so twice,  the third time is not coming soon!

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A Letter To My Father


By now, I know you’re busy planning for my burial. News of my demise is the best thing that you’ve had in years. Don’t even attempt to deny it, how often have you wished me dead?

I can see momma smiling, she can’t leave her potatoes field unattended to mourn me. Whatever you made her, you are good at it. She’s your best sycophant, never questioned your wisdom even once, no wonder she hates me like you do!

Only strangers will wonder why I made the decision, to be hit by the train willingly. All the neighbours know what you were to me. I believe our family dog is steps ahead in value at least to you. It guards your stolen livestock, unlike me who questioned the acquisition method.

Well, for beginners, my father will argue that I am an addict, a marijuana user and even a possessed boy. This I can bet with my already lost life! Our conflict originated in my reluctance to be made a man in the modern ways, I preferred the traditional one, which was denied with utmost malice. This saw me become a man three years later, behind my age mates, a little more disappointed and hurt for I had to go as per your demands. You have no idea what I went through at school. I was jeered, beaten and branded a coward by ‘cut’ fellows who were much younger than me. The modern or church initiation was nothing but an additional dose to my bulging bag of contempt. I have never recovered, and my little head began getting concussions and odd ideas.

Top on the list, was the realisation that your vast piece of land and the skinny heads of cows was a life changing mistake you didn’t know that we knew, we your kids. Your mum, my favourite family member that you banished my tours to her compound had entrusted you to be your siblings trustee only for you to be unreliable. You denied your siblings their inheritance! And unlike the rest I had the guts to tell you that you were wrong, and the cause of our misery lives, we your descendants.

I recall my first outburst, it saw me hanged up on itara as you enjoyed beating me like a stray cat that has eaten a chicken, your fans, mother and my two brothers were busy putting on maize cobs smoke and bringing canes respectively. That was the first time you branded me ‘drug addict ‘ and a used vessel by your brothers to sabotage your command and inheritance by lies. My brothers called me a fool for not being realistic to see that the uncles, or is it junior dads, were on a mission to reduce our share of the land. I wasn’t swayed, which grew your hatred.

When my school opening season knocked, you refused to pay my fees until I bowed to your instructions, which I failed to. I became a lone buffalo, and your battles saw me out of the compound for search of better life, which fate denied me. My return home found you worse. My falling ill and subsequent medication to heavy duty stress drugs gave you a shortcut to send me to the grave. However, my resistance has shocked you for long. The doctor was particulate that I must be well fed before taking the drugs, a rule you violated blissfully. I tried to fight for what I thought right, yet you had the guts to force the drugs into my system while I had nothing in my belly. The effects of these was something closer to madness, a justification you have been riding on, to declare me a social delinquent.

Before taking my life, my grandma has been my motivation to live but since her death, three months ago, I have been surviving on mercy of friends and sympathisers some who have swallowed your tales of my drug use. Everyone has been handling me like an outsider, an outcast and a hopeless boy, something that has raised my doubts too. I have no reason to keep on fighting for a spoiled life. Mr. Chief and the members of Nyumba Kumi have listened to my rants and tried to convince you unsuccessfully. Your claim of my drug use is throwing doubts and when they look at my a times incoherent speeches, they question my sobriety too. At last you’ve won in convincing me to take my life, and rubber stamp your skewed theories.

I can imagine you and brothers drafting the eulogy, getting black suits to celebrate your special victory. Tell them your story, after all I’m doing good, listening to you tarnish my name while I rest peacefully, freed from your intimidation. I can see your rejoice in guilt, for you know I have always told the truth. I love the way you will split up the land to your loyal sons, hypocrites and enemies of justice. Now that your nemesis is gone, feast for your triumph.

A sad reminder is that until you practice fairness and equality, your daughters and sons will lead funny lifestyles, the cry of the oppressed is nothing to joke around with. You are aware that your darling first daughter’s whereabouts are unknown, your brightest son can’t stay in an organisation more than an year despite his First Class grade, your last daughter, a favourite of momma has had five miscarriages, your main sycophant, big brother has lost three wives to cancer or you still believe that it’s natural and normal to lose a son a wasp bite? Those are just but a few highlights to install sense to your Pharaoh headedness. My last wish is that you open your eyes and save your bloodline, all who suffer from your blindness. But you can’t listen to an addict, can you?

Yours In Justice,

Embattled Son.


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Surprise Confession

My armpits are itchy, thanks to (well I’ll mess with the market to mention it!) . A good lesson, let the unseen hair stay and if not, use shaving machine and scissors. If you fancy remover creams, following instructions carefully is not a guarantee to save you from staying like a bird flapping wings on air! I’m uncomfortable, the skinny shirt is heating the already messed up pits.

I’m busy stealing glances on the sloppy street. The coloured rays of the setting tired sun are throwing the last kicks, as darkness steps in hungrily.  Cars, tuk-tuks, bicycles ,motorcycles and pedestrians are a beehive of motion. I can’t spot her yet time is running, crime rates are rising, just like the deflation. I’m on the first floor of an old restaurant along Keng Avenue , for a prearranged coffee date.

It’s a Friday, the street is busy. I’m sipping my Sprite and listening to live band, Rhumba songs filling the air. Sina Makosa is an all time hit, and the lead guitarist, an old man has so strong vocals, better than the original! The guy on the drum set is sweating, his thick brown locks, big five aren’t deterring his enjoyment, he is singing and playing the instrument so well, as if he’s nursing a heartbreak!

She calls me. I’m presumptuous, she can’t make it and is very sorry to let me down, I think.

“Hey boy, arrived yet? Sorry I’m late, already in ladies! ”

“Wait, you didn’t leave the running stomach with your athletic hubby? ”
I tease. She’s laughing so loudly.

“I’ll explain why I couldn’t! Which table? ”

Domineering. To the point. That’s her definition. Booking an appointment in the name of a date with her is a big blink. I’m meeting her, on a date! I told my workmate and he wondered how that matured so fast.

“She’s married to a jealous husband, be careful. ” James warned.

” I would be super jealous too. She’s an offspring of Venus the shiny planet. Caution cushions my underpants. And we’ll not be screwing! It would also be an honour receiving punches for her. It’s a worthwhile reason, history will be rewritten! Smile, I’ll bring you the story. ”

She catwalks like a famous governor, easily spots me. I welcome her, pulling the chair after the coveted kiss on her delicate hand. She’s cold, on skin. Her mood is however warm.

“My apologies, my wifely duties conned my punctuality. ”

“Granted. I doubted even a show up, so you’ve hit beyond expectations! And I’m humbled to have a minute alone with lady gorgeous! ”

She laughs. And fixes the loose nut.

“I’m flattered. And as an official reminder, I’m taken too! ”

I enjoy the wordplay, manipulating the key word, I spit,

“Yes taken out for a date.”

We enjoy  the joke together, laughing.  Before bumping into niceties, she takes control.

“It’s a coffee date, right? Order my espresso for I’m freezing. I’m taking ten mugs to teach you a lesson! ”

” As you say my lady. Take a tank and I’ll have fun to see you pee more than you blink. I’m a cappuccino fan, so on that point we digress.”

Orders are made. The band is on a break, most likely discussing how to share the few pennies or the next song to play.  My date, Stella, trembles. Wife or not, she’s all mine here, so I inquire.

” No make up today? You look much better without it. You sneaked? ”

” Cheeky. Well the rain messed with my face, just a few steps across the street. And I couldn’t stand the messy face, that explains my first stop, ladies. ”

“Oh! I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Probably only the tiger would have raised qualms, for rivaling it’s appearance, lines on the face! ”

She sheds tears, laughing a little bit too much,  quite awkward.

“You are an idiot. Tell that to a sensitive lady and she’ll slap you! ”

We sip our coffee silently at the beginning, by the second round, we’re chatterboxes, no, she is and I’m all hers, listening.

She revises her college days. The guys she slept with. The one who paid her hostel, the trip to the coast, clubbing, intimidating lecturers she had at nights and finally graduating with honours.

As a good student of literature, I ask the most important question.

“What’s the moral lesson from your encounters in college? ”

She sips her coffee. Looks me into the eyes, her angelic face turns into a stern one, like that of a priest listening to a murder confession.

“Do you have a girlfriend? ”

That gets me off balance.

“Is that important? ”

“Well. Keep your secret, but listen to mine. If or when you have one, do not allow her to or impose to her family planning pills. ”

” Yes madam counsellor! ”

She stares at me, patiently. I regret the joke, she doesn’t mind.

” Throughout my affairs, tens of them, I emerged heroic. My buddies envied me. My looks fished all I wanted, and kept off what I despised. Not even once did I use rubbers, I loved it raw. And believe it or not, I never got pregnant, pills ensure so. ”

I still feel she’s serious for nothing. I throw a stupid comment.

“That’s sounds heroic even now, only that you sound otherwise. ”

It’s getting late, about eight, late for a wife, quite early for my type, bachelors. She looks at her watch and keeps on messing with the date.

“It was great and careless then. I’m now a respectable married woman, childless. We’ve tried all the hospitals, we’ve gone local, we’ve gone herbal, no salvation. I feel the guilt, my hubby is desperate. I’m unwilling to open the Pandora’s box, I will risk my relationship.  I’m hopeless to say the least. I ruined my life, and now it’s spreading to my family. I can’t save my sinking ship. Thus, take my advice and tale to improve yours! ”

That’s deep. She’s a marketing expert. An ambitious, jovial, pretty lady, yet hiding a huge secret, a dark fear and an irresponsible past. She’s caring too, confides into me, while also keeping me off her ways. As I make an effort to clear the bill, she takes over.

” Stella, that’s so kind of you, thanks. Elsewhere, don’t give up yet. I believe in second chances, and by making an effort to salvage me and mine

images (3)
Then we have the emotional goodbye hug.  PHOTO /COURTESY

, you deserve it. Keep on trying, be the go-getter I admired when you bumped into our workplace. ”

We make promises. I gets her an Uber, and walks along the street, contemplating the entire date.

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The Beauty Parlour Encounter.


There’s a Nairobi in our bushy town. There’s a new mall and among it’s greatest attractions is a barbershop. Having hibernated in the interior throughout the last sixty days thanks to the pocket drought, I looked like a kid staring at the new structure and its ‘nairobiness’ . My curiosity led me to the spacious barbershop with its exquisite interior design, uniformed ladies and boys who had that fake customer care softness and a peculiar demeanour.

My kinky hair made a series of blushes amongst the barbers. A super kindness that was irresistible saw me fall for the antics of a young lady, most probably a victim of the pangs of KNEC since amidst her politeness, sadness was evident in her eyes,a regret,a bittersweet feeling of getting a job despite failing/ suspending her youthful dreams. Her touch was numbing as she dressed my neck with a white sheet that made me look like a candidate for circumcision or priesthood in a white robe. Her fingers were soft as she tucked in edges of the sheet in my neck. My attention was awakened when she asked how I wanted my hair trimmed. Ladies have a great way in dragging us astray. My common barber since primary school knew what to do with my hair, so was my college brute. And now the lady was staring at me through the mirror waiting for my instructions while my mind was elsewhere, thinking of her curves, the upper protrusions were tempting, a pair of steep,firm and pointed muscles that were rubbed on my back as I imagined them elsewhere.

She took all the oxygen near my nostrils,, competing for the scarce resource. PHOTO;Courtesy

” Follow the shape of the head and the direction of the hair. Do a simple haircut, simply smart.” I spat knowing that I sounded stupidly blunt. She must have got my message, do what you deem fit, you are in charge. Her sly smile told it all. She took the machine, treated it,tested it on her hairless chin and convinced it was fine, she started working on my head both in and on…

She  expertly worked on my heads both in and on….

####### ######


The outcome of the service was awesome. My bus shaped head had it’s maiden shave by a lady. It was like the proverbial stone, it hit two birds at the same time and a bard too. It took the longest time ever,to shave, share, flatter and change contacts. Caution slipped cautiously and ease was gained in a short while.

” What do you do for a living? ” she asked on noting that words were hiding in the eyes and the pretentious smile. What do I do for a living? An off guard query, a mask to start a conversation and a proof of interest.

” Well, I’m a wordsmith, I weave words for a living. Eating keeps me moving too.” She smiled,seeking clarity. I overlooked that and shifted her attention elsewhere.

“So what’s your name on Facebook?” She took the blow dryer ( that gun like noise making machine) to blow away the remnants of her work on my head. A rarity in my old barber’s base, his was a fly-whisk that left itching pieces of hair around the neck. She acted busy,carefully following the lines of my side beards,ensuring her nostrils scooped any oxygen near my face,a competition for the resources or maybe a foreshadow of sharing the basic resource.

” I am Prudence Waridi.” She knew her dice, rolled it with amazing brevity and composure.

“Wow. No wonder your fragrance,tenderness and conspicuity are easily spotted,oh Mademoiselle La Rosa.” I had to fix the British accent and delay every word for emphasis. The impact couldn’t be any better.

“Awe. How much am I paying for that mister weaver bard? “
She was smart, and humorous too. I pitied the skewed assumption and would later apologise for it. The payment part was a loophole she may have not foreseen.

” For you, I’ll charge heavily. What of an hour in the Coffee Shoppe?” She washed my head with excess shampoo. Probably, enjoying the delay of scrubbing and massaging the head. I was almost regretting the outburst when her feminine voice whispered into my ear,

” How did you know I’m single?”

The notch was higher. Too fast maybe. At this rate, my M-shwari debt was pestering.

“When are we meeting?”
That was how her number found it’s way on my contact list.

The shave was done. The shape was done. I paid her and as I straightened the collar, she answered.

“I’ll text.”


Having the privilege of my attention, she knew how to exploit it. She didn’t call after an hour. She didn’t call after two. She sent a simple message ‘Good night Gentleman’ at six in the evening. Quite early, I thought. It wasn’t. An ice breaker it was,a call for shots.
We had a great chat. Nothing in particular, random hide and seek game. Before midnight, we had a date in two days.


Learning any sensible lesson is basically out of a mistake. Mine couldn’t be worse. Never let a lady know where you’ll take her in advance. Not that it’s harmful, it is a lifetime disaster especially for a stranger. She had arrived before time, made acquaintances with the surrounding and spread her plan like rice for drying.

Anxiety had me change clothes thrice. Settling for a traditional simple black suit and a white shirt took ages. The excitement led my reason astray. She’s just another one in the list,I dared comfort my mind. But there was something curious, critical and unique about her. She appeared simple though mysterious. Her dress code, a knee-length maroon dress, matching shoes, earrings and a bracelet was a perfect combination of beauty and class. Her minimum makeup, almost similar to the skin was akin to elegance. Thanks to my potatoes’ sale, I had six thousand, five hundred in my pocket,I would have walked away. Money exudes confidence,boldness and manliness in men, the reverse is true.

The restaurant was on the second floor of the mall. It was a spacious room with  mirrors and a big flat screen TV. Waridi had chosen the table in a corner. She was sipping passion juice as I entered. She stood, revealing her curves,tempting than the devil. There was no regret, she was worth the while. Her hug and peck sent shivers across my nerves. She whispered, “you’ll get more, let’s eat, then you’ll eat me.” She said pointing to her heaving chest.


I left the hotel a  few minutes to seven. I could be dead,I was alive. My black suit was absent, so was my wallet and shoes. Luckily, the hotel room had slippers and my briefs were not so brief. She was kind enough to leave my phone, IDs and a hundred bob. There was a text message,
” I will explain later, love you.”

From the archives ,14 January 2017. Also available on blogspot account of the same author… 
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Trending Trendy

The evening is sunny. Hot, too bright that it is best countered by funny wrinkled faces. The little scientific memories of a cat’s enlarged pupils in darkness and reduced ones in bright light hits  the head. I feel like a genius. The biology teacher took the whole lesson to explain such a simple idea! That ought to be featured in the title, How Surds And Related Concepts Wasted Our Parents Loans For Unnecesary Pain. That provokes another bitter memory, calculating the time a car takes to over take a lorry blah blah… what for?

We’re walking along the Highway, about thirty kilometres off the monstrous spot that eats people during  December holidays, Salgaa. Not that we’re that broke, a little time together is the ultimate goal.

She’s on phone, delivering a lecture. Pissed. Her toes must have been crushed by the ‘student ‘. I’m poor in multitasking, so I choose to let her lecture be free of an eavesdrop, and take charge of leading the way, stopping the guzzler riders and walk heroically across the zebra coloured segments of the road. They too can wait for me. Some stare at me (us) impatiently. Cursing. I have my rights, swallow that! My ego is boosted, I feel liberated,  like an activist whose pockets are fattened by an NGO. It feels good to intimidate big people , no matter how shortly it may last.

The lecture, is over. My time to be in charge, replace the ‘student’ and be an equal to the lecturer.

” Sorry you had to hear all that. ” She apologizes.

“If only I paid attention! January has ensured all my pockets and bags are empty, I can’t even afford to pay attention. Empty and torn pockets, save for one! ”

” Ha-ha-ha. I would open it if I were you. Where is it? ”

” Did you just say open it? Well, it’s dangling somewhere in a dark shrub, Ling’ondo forest. And suffocating under the heat, balancing the contents like a checked beam balance! ”


” No more talk about your not so empty bag! ”

She concludes the first session, her therapeutic one. We’re in the city centre, our big, well planned city. She enjoys the lanes, and the buildings.


Her name is Trendy. A newcomer, the next child after me, in the working (internship is a serious joke) program. You’re no longer the last born. My mind celebrated when she came. She’s well endowed. Her comic and real linguistic prowess is a magnet. She digests jokes so fast, even the unintentional ones. And that, leaves me no choice , sticking around her, which happens to be mutual. Our biggest sadness is time, elusive like a featherless live bird, or a heavily oiled madman dressed on a birthday suit. She’s new to the town, only aware of her route to and from the workplace.

images (6)
The day is hot. We walk so slowly , like a pair of tortoises. PHOTO /COURTESY

“The town planner must have been a sober one. Look at the town so well organised, zero congestion, zero dark lanes and traffic moving like a swam of bees. ”
She says admiringly.

“That’s what happens if you take flamingoes for dinner. Order becomes part of you! ” I tease.

“Go away! “she laughs off my well researched explanation.

“Unlike your place, where athletics, more so haste is your cash crop, here we associate ourselves with gracefulness of our fauna, flamingoes and giraffes. Did you know that in our metropolis we have a park, a lake, a crater and a prehistoric site? That’s just a part of what we have, with time, I wouldn’t mind enculturising you! ”
I make use of my phonetics and phonology lessons to make the statement, and sound brilliant (which is foolish!).

“I did little, actually no geography, yet here I am falling in love with your place. I have to review my likes, I can’t afford to miss all that fun. And, well I’m ready to become one of yours, town dwellers. Be my lead, take charge! ”

What’s that last line? I toy with the semantics. Smiling, I respond, giggling like a lice.

“I’ll be your lead my lady, I’ll be in charge even to charge you. ” I make the declaration, an acceptance in a Robinhood’s voice while addressing His Royal Highness.

“I don’t know why that simple duty excites you, but I appreciate. ”

“I’m not excited, I’m besides myself with joy, knowing that my camera will shoot great images. ”


“What’s up Trendy? ”

“I love photos. ”

“I’m a photographer, by passion, by training. A self-proclaimed nature photographer! ”

A moment of silence.

We’re in the market, speaking all the English and sampling fruits, ignoring the rest of the world, like a couple enjoying the honeymoon in Venus.

” We share a lot. I so love this evening. ”

We share a lot. Laughter, jokes, likes… Save for bed and names! PHOTO /COURTESY

“Yeah. Except bed and names. That will complete the set! ”

“Crude you!” she laughs, patting my shoulder.

“Is crude a synonym to honesty? ”

“It’s getting late. We should hurry up, before my phone starts buzzing like the customer care’s one. My host is so bossy. I’ll leave her place as soon as I can. ”

“I’m yet to take my ice-cold Sprite, and I’m not doing it alone. ”

We enter a joint near the market, save for a few flies near the fries, the place is decent enough for a soda, and a work mate hangout. After all, January can stomach all the blames.

More details. A pair of bibliophiles, a pair of historic movie enthusiasts. An ambitious duo, so much in common. To the bus stop. A goodbye hug. A warm goodbye, the look in our eyes refuse to say the word, goodbye.



Self love, bible love. Happy birthday Juliet.



Psalms 139 (NLT)
[13]You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body     and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
[14]Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!     Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.
[16]You saw me before I was born.     Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out     before a single day had passed.
[17]How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.     They cannot be numbered!

The beginning and the end. Both at the same time, different experiences with joy a constant.
I am grateful for everything. Yes even the bad experiences because I believe God does not waste my experiences. There isa very good reason why I had to go through what I went through at 21.
Hello 22? I’d say you looked promising from when I was 18 and that…

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That Pearl…


Another year to celebrate,

Thanking heavens heavily ,

Of a lady so refined,

A friend so real,

A writer too honest

And a poet who hits emotional notes,

Like a guitarist who knows her wires…


As the years roll, 

So does your role, 

Informing the world,

Spreading the Word,

In all its connotations… 

Let your sparkling desire brighten the world… PHOTOS/JULIET


You’re a pearl, 

A rare gem, 

To be valued and treasured, 

A pleasure worth any pressure,

And today’s birthday girl… 


My hearty little wishes to Juliet, 

She who’s bequethed a voice so unique, 

And a laughter so infectious …

May your goals be your sauce, 

To munch to your satisfaction, 

Happiness your fresh air, 

To breath without limit,

And persistence your lotion, 

To moisturise you always… 


Happy birthday Juliet, 

Hunt down Romeo before Samantha blocks him, 

Like family feud did to your Shakespearean namesake! 

What more can I do, if not immortalise you? PHOTO /Ms. Mwangi
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Jolly’s Wild World…

The date was a success! She turned up, the girl from the stage, the tuk-tuk mate. She arrived, in her great sway, dressed on her smile, exposing the dimples,the oasis of her beauty.

images (5)
Her smile and the dimples were her best weapons, to crush his soul. PHOTO/COURTESY

Persistence will give you the desires of your heart. Ryan’s heart danced. The move was big, greater than he imagined. How many fake numbers had he received?  How many times were his calls unanswered and chats blue ticked? The goddess of romance was his to toy with, cherish, embrace and maybe… 

She came, and on time for that matter! She’s time conscious. She’s honest. She’s reliable. He made a mental list of the virtues.

They sat opposite each other, like rivals in a gambling game, ready to outshine each other. He gave her the merit of choosing the drinks and meals if need arose.

Her appetite was down, so was her charm. Cheering her up proved a futile venture. Amid the breeze on the highest floor of the hotel, on the far end,  he made peace with the reality, something was amiss.

“And today your look sombre. Did you fake soberness last time? ” Ryan was concerned. Jolly,  his Julie was nothing closer to jolly, no matter how hard she tried to mask it.

” You have no idea! Beyond the facade of nice dresses and smiles I am a wreck. The storm has hit me several times, that I would bump in the world of darkness like a rocket if slightly shaken. ” She admitted, so frankly. This aroused his curiosity, confirming his earlier assumption that she was honest.

Lies we show..
Beyond smiles and dresses, she was a wreck, so broken. PHOTO/COURTESY.

Her eyes were red. Her dimples were invisible and her psyche was miles away. She was deep in thoughts and his attempts to cheer her up succeeded on only a single fete, unmasking her eyes. The dark sunglasses had played the facial cover so well, until his persistence saw her show him the real picture.

This was not my expectation. I’m glad she trusts me. Let her open up,  I’m a willing buyer,  a patient trapper. His thoughts ran as he cautiously stared at her. Assuringly, he said,

“Your secret is safe with me,  I’ll keep it next to my admiration for you, strong room of my being. If you mind not,  let’s share the burden. Why die along yet there’s a willing ass?”

She smiled exposing the dimples he so loved. Not one to miss the joke,  she lightened up,

“A willing what? I should find a whip to move it fast ”

“You’re welcome! What could be more provocative than soft spanks from the lady who rides directly from my dreams? ”

They giggled.

“I had a lover. One who crushed my apple, thanks to my stupid desire for him. He was all I ever desired. I thought he had the keys to my destiny. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Bearded. Athletic. Well fragranced. Great dresser. Little did I pay attention to his character and wants. He’s my brother-in-law.”

Ryan was missing a point. He sought clarity.

” You accused me of keeping the necessary details, you’re worse. ”

She smiled,

“I was a pathway to his destiny. Through me,  he got access to my elusive sister,  Joyce. They’re having twins, two days old. And I’ve received a call from our caring granny,  to help my sister! ”

“Absurd. ”

In a funny face, she continued, her husky voice running a little bit too fast, like a recorded tape.

“Then my vengeance took me to my sister’s boyfriend,  who rejected me. He’s called this morning to apologise and explain. I thought it was my time to get my vengeance, we women are good at it. The moralistic brat is joining seminary, lecturing and pestering me to let it go,  and forgive the two. ”

“Betrayal is the worst dose to receive,  more so from those that you trust. A lover cheating on you with your sister is an insoluble joke. Quite hurty. So what next?  Will you confide into your granny why it’s a mockery to even entertain the idea of nursing your… is it nieces or nephews?  ”

“Both. A niece and a nephew. I hear they are bouncing tots,  taking after their great parents, my chubby sister and my gigantic sporty ex. Beautiful tots! ”


“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever set my eyes on. Only a fool would leave you for the whole world. I would be besides myself with joy to have you in my life. Therefore as a stranger whom you have entrusted your tale with, I have a simple remedy. You’re too smart to revenge, too good to be hurt by a mannerless ambitious loser who took you for a path. Lastly and importantly,  let your attraction to one go beyond the physique, virtues are crucial too. You have to move on with your life,  like they did. They’re enjoying so much to pleasure to dictate your hapiness. Be incharge, be the queen you were created to be! “

” Tell me how to move on having lost my job and under the nagging whims of the housing agent. I have no means, all I have are tragedies. My sister’s place is an option I’m unwilling to explore. Her and him have been handy in sorting out my needs when I’m out of means. Now I’m out of means and out of them. Tell me,  oh mentor how to live without love and means… ”

And when did you lose  your  senses?  Beauty and brain is all I see in you. Kindly recall sense lest I mechanically fix them. I am here for you, in every step until you get back on your feet. Be strong my queen, I need you smiling to your dynasty, your destiny. How dare you say you have no love yet mine is overflowing your way? Rise up and show the world that your glow can’t be explained in any poem. Queen up! “

Her tears dropped amid the resistance. His wipes had a duty, he cleared the tears. His actions made her weep more, tears of joy. At least she had a friend, maybe a true lover. They stood and for the first time,  their heartbeats were close, the bodies had a jigsaw fit. The hands had no hurry to untangle,they secured the two.

images (3)
They had a jigsaw fit, Jolly and Ryan. PHOTO /COURTESY



Crazy, Fiction, Laugh, Love, Romantic

Jolly Becomes Julie


His stare was not mistaken. Her grace would make the giraffe hang on the tallest tree. She had a rhythmic sway that was only disturbed by a cool breeze. It was at the bus station. He was alone for minutes, until he saw her. The only vehicles on the Highway were the heavy trucks. He was fearing a PSV boycott. As she approached, his grin was involuntary. A beige fitting dress showed what any ambitious normal young man aspires about. Curves. Firm chest. Hairless lean legs. Flawless chocolate skin. Thinnest long braids in plenty, bundled in a ponytail. And a bonus, a pair of deep dimples.

This is the day, he thought.

“Hello there. ” She greeted, stretching her right hand.
She’s inviting me for more than a handshake, lucky boy. He filled the mental gap, a fantasy.

He thought big. There was more to the invitation. PHOTO /COURTESY


He shook the hand delicately, staring into her clear white eyes. He saw her shake a little bit and change the gaze.
” It’s a while since I had and heard such a great voice. I’m so fine, but I’m Ryan. ”

She laughed as he released her hand.

” Witty brat! I’m Jolly. How long have you been waiting? Are we to travel today? ”

“Haha. You’re welcome. I’ll change the //o// in your name with the last vowel in English for my convenience. And on waiting, I’ve been waiting for my blessings forever, I’m glad you’re here in full. Travel together we will if you’re ready and doesn’t mind. ”

She placed her hand on her mouth to hide her amusement, it was too late. He was all over. That was quite a bombard. She should have asked full questions. He was driving her crazy, a bit too fast, unexpectedly.

” No and not yet. I meant to ask about public transport, but I’m happy to be called a blessing however how flattering it is and sounds . ”

As if on a stage, he shifted to a totally different topic.

” Forest Whispers. ”

“What? ”

“Your deodorant. ”

“You’re mad.”

“Imperial Leather- Cussons, Master Perfumers, made in UAE. The fragrance is uniquely Dubai. A great choice for the right impact, just like the one I’m about to make.  Am I still mad? ”

She was dumbfounded. He was right. But she thought it was the latest fragrance, uncommon rather. How could he be so specific in details?

” Topic for another day. You use my deo too? It’s too feminine for you or are you a beta man? ” she said licking her lips. His attention shifted to the lips, he licked his too, she blushed.

” You’re funny, kindly top up your balm, Pure And Natural ,Milk And Honey Lip Balm, by Nivea, made in Germany. Will pamper your lips, making their natural freshness retained, making me lick mine as I imagine… ”

She laughed.

images (1)
Things he fancied, he was ambitious and she walking as she was supposed to. PHOTO/COURTESY

“No more waiting, you’re infectious, I’m curious to know what you smoke to be so aware of my products with such accuracy. And yes, you’re the maddest person I’ve met yet I’m willing to sip your madness. ”

” I refuse your flattery. There’s an approaching tuk-tuk can we ride it? I’m headed to town you? ”

“Yes to both. ”

“You’re crazy. ”

“You’re crazier. ”

The tuk-tuk was empty, save for its rider. They sat at the back, like a couple. Jolly sat at the corner, he sat at the entry. He held her hand,she let him. He sniffed it and made the next discovery.

” Hold Me Tight a Chris Adams body splash. Makes one feel renewed, refreshed, and lifts spirits, a superior fragrance from Paris, France. You’re so anti local products. Are you exotic too? ”

“Right. Wrong. Satisfied? ”

” Not yet. ” she stared, perplexed. Was he a real person? He was too good to be normal. Not one so easy to dismiss. Persistent brute. Annoyingly interesting.

“What next now? ” she tried another shot of dismissal,  unsuccessfully.
“Vaseline body lotion, newly released. Intensive Cocoa Glow is the reason behind your yummy skin. It brings out the natural glow. It’s on a curvy brown bottle, made in South Africa , at least that’s African! ”

“Not anymore are you a witch? Tell me what you’re using lest I yell. ”


“Wow! I love the threat.  I’m a little demon whose mission apart from getting to town is to get a date after getting a number from you. What am I using, my olfactory and vision.  Your face glow is courtesy of Valon for men White Jelly, that ensures that you’re soft and smooth, a Kenyan product at last!”

She turned shook her head unbelievably. She was enjoying the circus. Informative or rather, well informed.

“Darling 4 in 1 Braid Spray, is the product behind your great braids, saving you from itchy scalp, hair breakage , moisture lack and dandruff another local brand, kudos, Kenya tops!”

“You’re so right, yet so economical with the details I want to hear. Who are you for real? I’m interested. ”

“At last we’re on the same page. And I like it, that you’re interested to know me. I am interested to know you more than you can imagine. ”

“We’ll get to town before your mission is fulfilled… ”

“Haha. Details can wait, when I type my number on your gadget and beep mine, we can sip coffee and get to interest each other with our interests, I bet that will be interestingly  interesting ! ”

“What makes you so sure that I’ll let you touch my phone or even turn up on your dreamy date? ”

” You need the mystery of your beauty products. Like I need the story behind your husky voice, delicate pronunciation and a great taste of humour.”

They laughed, she handed the phone playfully. Traffic shared a delicacy name, jam….

To be continued.